WWE Raw 11/19/18 – Dean and Seth Play Cat and Mouse

Baron and Steph brag about last night before Braun comes down and demands Baron at TLC. They’ll have a TLC match there, but tonight, Braun teams with Balor and Elias to face Lashley, Corbin, and Drew in a six man tag – elimination-style. Balor is taken out by a claymore kick, so the former Universal champion is now beneath Elias. Elias gets counted out – so he’s protected by a countout loss too. They gang up on Braun and slice his arm up on the steps before smacking steps onto his arm. Seth comes out to talk before Dean interrupts and says that Roman was a big part of the Shield – but now he has to answer to God, and what’s worse, Seth has to answer to him now. Seth goes backstage to find him, but he beats up a guard.

Sasha and Nattie face Tamina and Nia, with Alexa on commentary. Sasha plays face in peril nicely, and Bayley gets a brief comeback before Nia takes her out with a Samoan drop. Dean tells Charly on the monitor that he’s still here if Seth wants to find him. Seth finds him, but not before he’s gone and leaves a “burn it down” message for him. A recap airs of Drake Maverick peeing his pants leads to a skit with everyone mocking him for that and a brief bit about him being short. Well this sure gets the tag champs over more and ensure that 205 Live remains a show people take seriously. Gable tells Drake to not get pissed and Roode joins in with even worse jokes. Drake says “you’re in trouble”, so they mock him for “urine” and holy hell is this dreadful.

The Lucha House Party uses a pinata to beat the Revival in a 3-on-2 handicap match. This Raw tag division is something else. A Ronda-Charlotte video airs and Seth cuts another promo on Dean and swears vengeance. Ronda says that she’ll destroy Nia and the next time she faces Charlotte, she’ll finish her off. She says she isn’t a DNB and she’s here to defend her title. Baron says he won’t let this happen and Ronda says she’s never backed down and she’s the baddest bitch on the planet and challenges Corbin. Ronda faces Mickie and beats her quickly with her punches, the Piper’s Pit Samoan drop and the armbar. Nia and Tamina stare her down after the match.

Bryan vs. Brock is recapped. AOP faces Gable and Roode and they hype up the Starrcade special on Sunday while the fans chant “AO-Pee-Pee”. Gable and Roode win with a top rope sunset flip – so AOP’s title run is off to a great start. Dean yammers on for a whlie and insults the fans and says he’s just going to burn it down. Corey describes the Riott Squad as “habitual feather-rufflers!”, which may be the worst possible moniker for any team in history.

Nattie beats Ruby with a cradle fairly quickly. Dean comes down to the ring and talks more about LA smelling before Seth and Dean brawl. Dean takes Seth out with a low blow. He tells Seth if he wanted to talk so bad, now his chance and lays him out with Dirty Deeds before leaving and then running back in to do it again. Well, Dean came off pretty well tonight – Seth sure didn’t though.

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