DC Comics Universe, Justice League #12 & Aquaman #42 Spoilers: Legion Of Doom Makes Drowned Earth An Unfathomable Crisis?!

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DC Comics Universe, Justice League #12 and Aquaman #42 Spoilers follows.

Legion Of Doom Makes Drowned Earth An Unfathomable Crisis?!

Aquaman #42 Spoilers follows.

It is odd that to me that Aquaman is a bit player in his own title for Drowned Earth. His book is just a “tie-in”.

That said, this book is basically filler with…

…an opening framing sequence where Aquaman and Wonder Woman encounter a dead’ish Poseidon…

…followed by, essentially, Aquaman having hallucinations all issue until the last page leads to Justice League #12.

Justice League #12 Spoilers follows.

Drowned Earth Part 3!

Poseidon reveals the secret history of classic DC character Arion to…

…Aquaman and Wonder Woman in a way that makes no sense considering how tie-in / lead-in Aquaman #42 issue played out.

Poseidon takes ownership for what is happening to Earth now, activities he contributed too ions ago.

At the same time Batman, in armor, takes fight to Legion of Doom! He defeats the Joker, but Lex Luthor and the Legion escape!

The Tear of Extinction, as revealed in the Arion origin tale, has been found in the present…

…and may help win the day. Posiedon bequeaths his mystical Trident to Aqumaman and uses the last vestiges of his god-power to send Aquaman and Wonder Woman back to the fight!

The book ends with the Legion of Doom’s Black Manta releasing his secret weapon upon the Earth…

…the death Kraken. Yes, he says Release the Kraken!

Aquaman / Justice League: Drowned Earth #1 wraps up this event next week!

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