Marvel Comics Universe & Spider-Girls #2 Spoilers: First Look At Spider-Geddon #5 Plus A Whole Lot Of Spider-Man Hijinks & Related Distress?!


Marvel Comics Universe and Spider-Girls #2 Spoilers follows.

First Look At Spider-Geddon #5 Plus A Whole Lot Of Spider-Man Hijinks and Related Distress?!

The book opens with a storyline summary, identification of our three female leads plus creators credits.

Mom and dad are gone so Spiderling takes Spider-Girl and Spider-Woman…

…to her world’s Normie Osborn an ally.

Spider-Woman laments the similatrities of Spiderling’s to hers when she used the name Spider-Girl.

At the same time, the Inheritors – spider-eaters – arrived on Spiderline’s Earth! And, they’re hungry!

The Spider-Girls connect with Normie Osborn, a six-armed Spider-Man of sorts, and talk about their occult scroll perhaps being the permanent solution to banishing all the Inheritors.

Spiderling finds a spot to use her new powers when she touches the scroll…

…seeing the future, but…

…someone remains hidden.

Unfortunately, Normie Osborn has mutated into a giant spider…

…and then attacks the other spider-mutates as..

…the Inheritors arrive for lunch! The book ends with a the updated Spider-Geddon checklist.

Two things about that checklist. (1) We have seen the cover to Spider-Girls #3 (see below) so am confused by the omission. Perhaps its changing? Spider-Girls #3 hits shelves on December 12, 2018.

(2) The checklist had the first look at the cover to Spider-Geddon #5. Full cover is below.

Spider-Geddon #5 event finale lands in shops on December 19, 2018.

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