DC Comics Universe & Heroes In Crisis #3 Spoilers: More Confessionals As More Sanctuary Heroes & Villains Revealed! Are They All Dead Too?

DC Comics Universe and Heroes In Crisis #3 Spoilers follows

More Confessionals As More Sanctuary Heroes and Villains Revealed! Are They All Dead Too?

Heroes in Crisis #3 expanded the body count and death toll (full spoilers here) and appears to reveal who will killed The Flash Wally West (full spoilers here).

In addition, building on earlier confessionals by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy last issue (full spoilers here) and Booster Gold, Harley Quinn, Arsenal Roy Harper, Hotspot and Blue Jay in the debut issue (full spoilers here) comes more confessionals in the latest issue.

We start with a further confessional from Booster Gold along with Wally West the Flash and Lagoon Boy (the latter two are seemingly dead).

Then we have confessionals from Commander Steel (not Citizen Steel any longer), Gunfire, Tattooed Man, Gnaark, Red Devil (formerly Kid Devil), Protector, Poison Ivy (again) and Nemesis.

Well, only three are confirmed dead (Steel, Gunfire and Red Devil) and interestingly most are again affiliated with the New Teen Titans (Gnaark, Red Devil and Protector). And, Gunfire was affiliated with Deathstroke who is a classic Titans frenemy; so Gunfire has some loose connections to the Titans through Slade Wilson. I think the Heroes in Crisis / Sanctuary killer may have connections to the Titans perhaps as their body count included Teen Titans founders Wally West the Flash and Roy Harper Arsenal (Kid Flash and Speedy respectively in their teen sidekick days).

Sad to see classic Suicide Squad leader Nemesis here too.

Many have leapt to the conclusion that this expanded cast are also dead, but only some have had their bodies discovered. So, I’m not leaping to any conclusions. They’re missing until they’re confirmed dead.

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