DC Comics Universe & Doomsday Clock #8 Spoilers: Superman & Shazam Black Adam! Friends Or Foes?

DC Comics Universe and Doomsday Clock #8 Spoilers follows.

Superman and Shazam Black Adam! Friends Or Foes?

Well, Doomsday Clock #8 leaked earlier. Word circling the internet is that someone in Russia was able to purchase a digital copy. We won’t spoil the main plotline developments and revelations prior to the book’s release on December 5, 2018. However, we will reveal some interesting Easter Eggs and/or moments that whet your appetite for the book.

Well, that being said, following the first revelation concerning Justice Society of America / JSA Rebirth in this book (spoilers here), in the issue Superman has a reason to visit Kahndaq, the country run by Shazam lore’s Black Adam or Teth Adam.

It is a country a haven of super-humans that are heroes or villains to escape persecution due to world wide super-human arms race. They are super-powered who don’t want to be used as pawns. Superman is approaching Black Adam as he is looking for a super-human that the media says has sought refuge in Kahndaq.

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