DC Comics Universe & Doomsday Clock #8 Spoilers: Are Batman & Superman On The Same Page?

DC Comics Universe and Doomsday Clock #8 Spoilers follows.

Are Batman and Superman On The Same Page?

Well, Doomsday Clock #8 leaked earlier. Word circling the internet is that someone in Russia was able to purchase a digital copy. We won’t spoil the main plotline developments and revelations prior to the book’s release on December 5, 2018. However, we will reveal some interesting Easter Eggs and/or moments that whet your appetite for the book.

Well, that being said, following the first revelation concerning Justice Society of America / JSA Rebirth in this book (spoilers here), plus the interesting Black Adam of Shazam lore appearance (spoilers here) and the Firestorm revelations (spoilers here), readers also learn where Superman and Batman stand on taking sides in how super-humans are being treated in the global super-human arms race.

It’s interesting that strong and iconic traditional allies still have fundamentally different world views and, in some cases, principles.

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