WWE Raw 12/3/18 Recap – Ronda and a Partner battle Nia and Tamina

A ten bell salute is done for George H.W. Bush. Ronda and Nattie are out to face Nia and Tamina. Tamina superkicks Ronda down and then Nattie eats a Shield bomb from the Riott Squad. Alexa hosts a segment with Bayley and Sasha yammering on with fans and Bayley runs around a bit. Alexa makes Mickie and Fox against Sasha and Bayley. Mickie loses to a backstabber/belly to Bayley combo. A Baron Corbin video airs to show how great he has been as GM. Baron makes Roode face Maverick tonight and bans Chad and AOP from ringside. The Lucha House Party beats Scott Dawson in a 3-on-1 handicap match, with Cole defending this idiocy.

Baron has a goon bring him something for Drew’s celebration. Drew’s appreciation segment shows him beating Kurt on Raw and being given a gold medal by Corbin. Dolph comes out and says he wasn’t invited to this and Drew kicks him to the curb. Corbin makes a Drew vs. Dolph match next, in something that feels like rushing through a month of storylines for no good reason since Drew is facing Balor at the PPV. Balor attacks Drew on the floor with a shotgun dropkick and Dolph wins with a superkick. Elias sings a bit before Lio comes out with Lashley, who smacks his ass and they have a brawl until Lio gets laid out with the guitar.

Jinder meditates with Baron and wants a match with Finn Balor tonight. Heath and Rhyno come in and Corbin says there’s only room on Raw for one of them. Corbin wants one of them to quit and the other to stay, and they don’t agree – so Corbin makes a match and the loser is fired. Roode faces Drake with Gable being beaten up by AOP and then Roode gets beaten up by AOP in the ring and this isn’t a DQ – it’s just now another handicap match. Gable comes back to eat a beating by AOP and Drake pins Roode. Dean comes out with a group of folks in gas masks due to the pollution and his theme now has sirens in it.

Dean and his ridiculous outfit are out to cut a promo on Houston. Dean yammers on for a while until Seth comes down and beats up the goons. They brawl in the crowd before Dean hits him with the gask mask and knocks him out with a Dirty Deeds on the floor and another in the ring. Nia says she’ll rearrange Ronda’s face tonight like she did Becky’s. Heath beats Rhyno with a flying neckbreaker and retains his job. Jinder gets a jobber intro against Balor, and gets treated like one as the shotgun kick and double stomp end it. Drew brawls with Balor in the back and throws him into a bunch of steel barrels.

The Best of the Attitude Era figures get a plug with Jericho front and center. That’s a bit interesting. Nia and Tamina come out to face Ronda and Ember Moon. Ronda hits a flying forearm off the apron and Ember hits an apron PK. Ronda hits a throw and Ember hits the eclipse – sorta, before Ronda gets the armbar and wins.

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