DC Comics Universe & Doomsday Clock #8 Spoilers & Review: WOW! Superman & Firestorm Vs. Everyone! Batman? Plus What Are The Watchmen Up To?!

DC Comics Universe and Doomsday Clock #8 Spoilers and Review follows.

WOW! Biggest Issue Yet! Superman and Firestorm Vs. Everyone! Where Does Batman Stand and What Are The Watchmen Up To?!

Well, Doomsday Clock #8 leaked earlier. Word circling the internet is that someone in Russia was able to purchase a digital copy. We haven’t spoiled the main plotline developments and revelations prior to the book’s official release today on December 5, 2018. We’ll do that in this spoilers filled review that you’re reading. However, we have been revealing some interesting Easter Eggs and/or moments that whet your appetite for the book.

Well, that being said, following the first revelation concerning Justice Society of America / JSA Rebirth in this book (spoilers here), plus the interesting Black Adam of Shazam lore appearance (spoilers here) and which super-humans he’s given asylum to in his country of Kahndaq (spoilers here), the Firestorm revelations (spoilers here) including a teased big secret (spoilers here), an interesting Batman / Superman moment (spoilers here) including confirmation of how the world sees Superman (spoilers here), and the revelation on when in 2019 this issue takes place (spoilers here), and the interesting number of Watchmen in the issue (spoilers here), readers are in for the most action-packed and consequential issue to date.

That action kicks off with the United Stats Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond and Professor Martin Stein) attacking Russia’s People’s Heroes including their Firestorm called Pozhar (Mikhail Arkadin). I believe Pozhar is spelled Nожар in Russian which means Fire.

Firestorm is out-numbered by that team, but also gets too close to the Russian people in the battle and he’s swarmed by them…

…leading to him transmuting them into glass.

The battle was televised leading many to ask if Firestorm killed those innocent people. Superman flies off to find Firestorm.

News reports suggest that Firestorm has sought sanctuary in Black Adam of Shazam lore’s country of Kahndaq; that means Superman heads their first.

Black Adam tells Superman that Firestorm is not there, but he is welcome nonetheless. He also has something disparaging to say about Superman because he’s more like a reactive firearm than a consequential man of action before trouble hits.

Superman finds Firestorm who has one of the citizens he transmuted, a glass boy, with him. Despite never impacting humans before, Firestorm is working to try to change the boy back. Superman believes in Firestorm and tells him he’s staying with him…

…and he does!

At the same, President Putin, flanked by the People’s Heroes, speaks to his people and the media characterizing Firestorm’s attack as a United States government sanctioned attack!

Superman interrupts the press conference and tells everyone Firestorm can undo the dame he’s done and change the people back.

Superman also takes a side in the metahuman arms race, and the treatment of meta-humans, to Batman’s chagrin.

Putin doesn’t believe Superman when he says what Firestorm did to the innocent people was an accident.

Firestorm returns with the boy to Russia to show he can undo what he did, but he’s not welcome and Russian troops start firing their guns…

…with stray bullets shattering some of the glass citizens!

Pozhar and Firestorm battle…

…as Superman enters the fray with Batman on the way. And, this is all televised because its 2018!

Firestorm breaks free of Pozhar and is angry that no one will listen to him that he can change the citizens back from glass.

Batman can tell that Firestorm seems to be going nuclear literally; Superman is there to try to calm Firestorm down, but someone else from afar is causing his eruption…

…Ozymandias of the Watchmen leading to…

…Superman being noted as missing.

The Pulse:

Overall, Doomsday Clock remains a classic example of decompressed storytelling. I imagine it will read better as a whole, but some issues, like this one, while compelling seem to be missing something. Up until now, what was missing was Superman in a real way. In this issue the Watchmen are missing. That said, the Easter Eggs laden story and the weighty geo-political drama and action plus amazing art make this issue a must-read and re-read as well. 7.5 out 10.

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