DC Comics Universe & Adventures Of The Super Sons #5 Spoilers & Review: Robin & Superboy Vs. Adult Damian Wayne & Jon Kent?! Case For Co-Existing With Wonder Comics’ Young Justice?

DC Comics Universe and Adventures Of The Super Sons #5 Spoilers and Review follows.

Robin and Superboy Vs. Adult Damian Wayne and Adult Jon Kent?! A Case For Co-Existing With Wonder Comics’ Young Justice?

Damian Wayne Robin, Batman’s son, and Jon Kent Superboy, Superman’s son, are the Super Sons and last issue came faces-to-faces with their older selves!

The Robins find a door in the room their trapped in and jump in it and…

…land back in the room they were trapped in in the first place?!

They meet alien brothers who say everything their is unreal, but they know where the real doors to escape are!

The Super Sons, young and old, go throw and the kids realize the visions they see are fake and that their older selves aren’t real either!

The kids then realize they are trapped by the two alien brothers!

Back in the vision, the older Super Sons decide to help their young selves Superboy Prime style.

Unreality appears to take reality by store as these older Robins and Superboys (Supermen?) become real and deal with the alien brothers while…

…they encourage their younger “selves” to escape.

They do, but then they have another problem leading to the next issue.

The Pulse:

With Conner Kent returning as Superboy and Tim Drake dropping the Red Robin moniker for Robin in the new Wonder Comics line’s Young Justice series, I was wondering how the Super Sons would differentiate themselves. I’m not sure I know yet, but this series seems to embrace the quirkiness that was the original run of Young Justice. I imagine the new YJ series may not be so quirky. Fun story and fun art this issue. 8 out of 10.

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