DC Comics Universe & Suicide Squad Black Files #2 Spoilers: A Tone Deaf #MeToo Moment! Plus Connections To Wonder Comics’ Young Justice With Batman & The Outsiders?

DC Comics Universe and Suicide Squad Black Files #2 Spoilers follows.

A Tone Deaf #MeToo Moment! Plus Connections To Wonder Comics’ Young Justice With Batman and The Outsiders?

The book opens with its Katana storyline.

Katana’s body has been taken over by Lady Eve while the actual Katana’s soul replaced Lady Eve’s in the soul world in her Soultaker Sword. Katana is reunited with her husband in that soul world.

In the real world Katana-Eve manipulates Looker to help her escape…

…and takes her to Kobra HQ. Looker is portrayed as young, impressionable and easily manipulated by Katana-Eve.

This is the #MeToo moment where the Kobra leaders leaves to get antiquated with Katana-Eve. Looker is used to play this moment as a joker for readers with unintentional threesome sexual innuendo.

The aquaintance was, as you can tell from the lead in, sex between Kobra and Katana-Eve. This is actually rape since Katana-Eve’s body does not belong to her. What an unfortunate, tone deaf and tragic portrayal in a 2018 comic book. Plus, Looker continues to play the fool and insider joke vessel for readers as she’s oblivious to what Kobra and Katana-Eve just did and she ask them if they got “rest”. Gross and scenes that added nothing of substance to the overall story and makes Looker appear to be a fool.

This arc ends with the Suicide Squad in battle with Kobra forces and Katana-Eve apparently set to betray the team that thinks she’s Katana.

I wonder if this Katana arc, that includes Looker, plays into the upcoming Batman and the Outsiders series that will be resolicited for sometime later in 2019.

The second story is the actual Suicide Squad Black storyline.

We get a role call and explanation of their powers as they head into their mission…

…and fail angering new immortal thief Aladdin.

The team realizes Amanda Waller may want the villain Sebastian Faust dead or alive and it would be a win-win for her in either scenario.

Amanda Waller and core Suicide Squad Task Force X team leader Rick Flag join them to explain Faust has done something to Snarlgoyle.

The teams heads on their next mission and encounters the Dark Opal who knows the secrets of Gemworld…

…and Faust. Readers also learn that Snarlgoyle has been transformed into Tiamat. That name evokes the Babylonian religion of olde and the goddess Tiamat who is the symbol of chaos of primordial creation as well as the goddess of salt water. More on the goddess here.

The book ends with Faust turning the tables on the Suicide Squad Black and revealing their now in Gemworld as his master plan is closer to fruition.

Considering Gemworld plays heavily in this arc, is there a connection to the upcoming Wonder Comics’ Young Justice series whose team includes Amethyst of Gemworld?

Young Justice #1 is out on January 9, 2019.

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