WWE Raw 12/10/18 Recap – Seth Battles Corbin For The IC TItle

Corbin comes out with Seth saying that Corbin is tanking the show. They ramble on for eons before we get the announcement of Corbin vs. Seth tonight in a TLC match for the IC TItle. AOP and Drake Maverick get a jobber intro against Roode and Gable for the titles. Gable is now a full-on Roode cosplayer, which basically turns Roode into a pure comedy act. Roode pins Drake Maverick to win the titles – ever the big win for him. Actually, given how much he’s fallen, at least being a champion is something. Roode and Gable talk about bringing hope back to Raw.

Nattie comes out and threatens to put Ruby’s ass through a table on Sunday before Ruby comes out to mock her dad with a cardboard cutout on a table that she’ll put her through on Sunday. Drew comes out and demands respect before Dolph comes out for his second match with Drew before Drew even has his PPV match. They have a good match with Drew working on the head, leading to Dolph fainting during a superkick and then going for it again before Drew claymores him to pin him. Drew hits another claymore and beats him up.

A recap of Corbin making Heath a ref last week is shown. Bayley beats Alicia Fox and then Dean cuts a promo on Seth’s ego making the match tonight. He then makes sure to air a 15 minute long video on the history of the Shield, his part in it, and showing Seth tearing it apart from his perspective. Elias comes out and sings before facing Lio Rush, with Heath as referee. Lashley jumps Elias during the match and Heath won’t call for the bell due to Lashley. Lashley attacks Elias with a guitar and Lio pins him. A recap of all of tonight’s events air before Alexa comes out to moderate the Ronda vs. Nia press conference.

The press conference contains no press and Nia comes out to talk about how she’ll punch Ronda out the same way she was taken out of the UFC. Ronda comes out and they bully her until Ember comes out and we get Ember vs. Tamina. Ember hits the Eclipse and Ronda throws Nia into the crowd. Seth and Corbin have a perfectly functional TLC match. Seth hits a dive to the floor and then lands a diagonal variant. Corbin chokeslams him through a table on the third one, but Seth recovers and hits a high fly flow off the top through a table on the floor. Seth goes up top, but Heath is the ref and sends Seth off the ladder. Corbin goes up to get the belt, but Seth grabs him and buckle bombs him through a corner table. Seth superkicks Heath out of the ring and curb stomps Corbin and retains the title. Dean comes down and we get a staredown with Dean on the ramp and Seth on top of the ladder mid-ring.

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