Marvel Comics Universe & Spider-Force #3 Spoilers: The Issue That Ties This Into Spider-Geddon #5?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Spider-Force #3 Spoilers follows.

The Issue That Ties This Into Spider-Geddon #5?!

We open with a storyline catch-up page.

The action begins with John Jameson alternate Spider-Man believing he killed the Inheritor Verna with the crystal that houses the soul of Solus the Patriarch of the Inheritors a family of spider-eaters.

He was wrong and Verna eats his soul.

The Spider-Force is then attacked by the Amazing Spider-Man rogues gallery of this alternate Earth…

…leading to a battle between Verna and Spider-Woman…

…after which they end up back on Marvel’s core Earth.

Now despite Marvel telling this story is continued in Spider-Geddon #5 out next week, it actually continued in last month’s Spider-geddon #4 where that last panel of Spider-Force #3 above was spoiled (full spoilers here).

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