DC Comics Universe & Teen Titans #25 Spoilers: So, Is Crush Really Lobo’s Daughter?

DC Comics Universe and Teen Titans #25 Spoilers follows.

So, Is Crush Really Lobo’s Daughter?

The book includes Crush’s origin story that opens very similar to Superman’s; she crash lands on Earth and is found by a couple.

Instead of a cape like Superman, Crush is protected by a sentient chain.

Later in her childhood she sees Lobo fighting Superman and…

…confronts her parents about it! They believe he’s her dad, but don’t know for sure. She decides to run away and leaves her sentient chain, Obelus, behind. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, Obelus means the following:

      Definition of obelus
      1. : a symbol − or ÷ used in ancient manuscripts to mark a questionable passage
      2. : the symbol ÷

We then pivot to modern day where a villain has Obelus and uses it to attack Teen Titans teammates Crush and Djinn.

Crush reconnects with Obelus who sides with her and he villain is defeated.

Djinn and Crush have connected deeply in this issue and may end more than friends as…

…Crush starts a subplot to find Lobo to find out if he’s her father.

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