The Column: The Events Of The Marvel Universe – Marvel Comics in 2018

Marvel Comics in 2018

Welcome to the column where I talk about how Marvel had done in comics during the course of this year.

Now, generally over the years especially since DC Rebirth, Marvel has been lacking in quality, but I would say that this year Marvel was the better one among the two. The sheer amount of quality books was amazing; Marvel Fresh Start really made some of the books more amazing than they had been.

Lets look into various corners of the Marvel Universe now, shall we?

The Avengers title was taken over by Aaron who has been doing a great work with it. It has dealt with the fact that the Avengers are the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe and has had them deal with bigger and more cosmic things. Especially with the War of the Realms coming, and the various new developments, it is gonna be another big year for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Captain America has been dealing with some of his post Hydra problems and now has to deal with the return of the Red Skull. Tony Stark has forged a relationship with Janet Van Dyne and will be dealing with the return of Hank Pym and Arno Stark. Thor has got his hammer back and now he will be playing the lead role in the upcoming event. Hulk has a really great book that really leans into the horror vibe aspect of him and She-Hulk has been THE Hulk of the Avengers. Older Hawkeye has joined with younger Hawkeye to form a new West Coast Avengers while Black Widow has died and come back and now seems poised to be taking a new direction with a new series. Captain Marvel is also getting a new series that has the unenviable task of making people care about the character again while Black Panther is stuck in space.

The Guardians of the Galaxy have a huge relaunch coming and they also have been the team most affected by the Infinity Wars event that recently concluded. There is also a new group of Asgardians of the Galaxy that are protecting the galaxy in the meanwhile. Gamora is evil; so that will be a “great” decision that will be resonating with them for a while.

Spider-man Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are back together. Peter Parker has a new series that has been great in every aspect after Dan Slott ended his run with the death of Flash Thompson which directly crosses over with the Venom title; it has been one of the best Venom stories ever as Cates is crafting magic wherever he goes. Black Cat is back on the side of the angels while Spider-Gwen has turned over to the name of Ghost Spider.

Miles Morales is getting a new series that aims to get his voice again after the departure of Bendis. Spider-Woman has been sorely missed ever since her series ended and I would love for Marvel to use her more soon. Are there any more spider people? Superior Spider-man gets a new series of his own too. Oh, also we are getting a new spider series as Spectacular concludes and Friendly starts.

The X-Men have had three big returns that has happened and will happen. The X-Trinity are all back; Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine and I cant wait for a title with all of them in it. Right now we have the Uncanny X-Men Disassembled event which is happening and consists of the entire X cast. X-Men Gold, Blue and Red have all been cancelled. The saga of the OG X-People also seems to be over. There is also the big news that Rogue and Gambit got married after the bait and switch of Kitty Pryde and Colossus. There is also the fact that lLaura Kinney is going solo as one of the only X books that is still around. We have Old Man Logan dying and the return of the X-Force with the OG Cable dead replaced by his killer a kid Cable. Deadpool is messing things up as usual as well.

The Fantastic Four came back this year and this was one of the biggest things that happened this year. I am really hyped to see them become the soul and a major force in the Marvel Universe again. There is also the wedding of the Thing and Alicia Masters upcoming.

The classic Defenders were caught in a crossover of their own, but let’s talk about the street level heroes modern age Defenders. Daredevil is getting a relaunch of his own after his death and Jessica, Luke and Danny all have their own solo comics right now.

There are the Champions with a new launch of their own after a year where most of them weren’t used properly. There are tons of villains out there who had a good year and some who had a bad year. Knights are making a comeback though in what capacity remains to be seen. There is also the return of the classic Invaders team in the modern age.

Either way, it has been a good Marvel year and if they develop on some of the problems left and create a more streamlined universe, they could become the best again.

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