Pull List Roundtable 12/26/2018: X-Force #1, Die!Die!Die! #6, Fantastic Four Wedding & More

Mike Maillaro

REALLY LIGHT WEEK! Since I only have a few books this week, I guess I should say something about each of them…

  • Marvel Action Avengers #1 – My son and I loved IDW’s Marvel Action Spider-Man, so we are really looking forward to this series too. I still think it’s strange that we are getting Marvel books coming from IDW, but IDW as usual does a great job with their licensed work, especially their all ages line.
  • Die!Die!Die! #6 – This series is just nuts! I think this is the last issue, but it is always one of my favorite series each month. I say this with admiration…Robert Kirkman is one disturbed individual, and Die!Die!Die! gives him one hell of a playground to work with.
  • Fantastic Four #5 – I didn’t even realize that the wedding was happening here, not the wedding special that came out a few weeks ago. Kind of feels like a cash grab to charge $5 for that book and another $7 for this book (they did the same thing with the recent X-Wedding come to think about it), but I love what Slott has done with Fantastic Four, so this is still my pick for comic of the week.
  • Superior Spider-Man #1 – Spinning out of Spider-Geddon, Doc Ock is back as Spider-Man! Honestly, I think this may be beating a dead horse. I loved Superior Spider-Man, but it was a temporary storyline, not something that should still be going on. I want a villainous Doctor Octopus again.
  • Uncanny X-Men #7 – Weekly series are always tough on the budget, and this one does fill a bit padded, but I am still enjoying this story quite a bit. I like how they are setting up Nate Gray as being an anti-Apocalypse, with his own Horseman. It is a very natural evaluation for the character.
  • X-Force #1 – X-Force was just about my first favorite superhero comic series. This new version seems like a return to the classic team, so I am curious to see if there is a still an audience for these characters.

James Fulton

I love weeks like this one! In Canada, new comics day falls on Boxing Day, which is our best sale day of the year, so I was already heading to the comics shops.

Four titles this week:

  • Die! Die! Die! – This over-the-top title by Robert Kirkman, some Hollywood guy, and Chris Burnham, has been a great amount of fun.
  • Man-Eaters – This series is fundamentally flawed, story-wise, yet I keep coming back to it because it’s charming and funny, and because it pushes some boundaries, which I always like to see.
  • Uncanny X-Men – I’ve been disappointed in this whole run, but I’ve committed.
  • X-Force #1 – I don’t have the same warm memories of X-Force that a lot of other people have, and having just reread the original series, I see no reason to ever go back to that stuff. (I was much happier with the book when it was drawn by Adam Pollina, or during Rick Remender’s excellent run). The thing is, Ed Brisson is an amazing writer, and I enjoyed his just-finished Extermination, which brought us Teen Cable. And this book has Deathlok in it!

John Babos

Nada, Zip, Zero. Btw, I would have picked up X-Force #1 if the cover art reflected the interior art, but the disonance is jarring. Merry Christmas y’all.