Marvel Comics Universe & X-Force #1 Spoilers & Review: Kid Cable, Deathlok & X-Force’s Dangerous Post Extermination New Status Quo!

Marvel Comics Universe and X-Force #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Kid Cable, Deathlok and X-Force’s Dangerous Post Extermination New Status Quo!

The book has two stories; the core X-Force one and a back-up story featuring Boom Boom.

The core story opens with Kid Cable in a foreign country…

…working to free Deathlok!

Things go sideways and X-Force swoops in and things get more bloody.

The country’s Dictator’s top General decides now is the time for…

…a coup!

The death of the Dictator is pinned on X-Force since footage shows them spiriting Deathlok away with much bullets and mayhem…

…leading to X-Force #2. The back-up story about Boom Boom is ok, but not much to right home about.

The Pulse:

The story is compelling, but the framed team angle seems done. I wonder what different direction they will take this trope. Very curious about Deathlok on the team. The interior art is not my cup of tea and its jarring when compared to the cover and the art of the back-up story. 5 out of 10.

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