The Column: The Events Of The DC Universe – DC Comics In 2018

DC Comics in 2018

Welcome to the column where I break down the various developments of the DC Universe in 2018.

Lets go over the various corners of the DC Universe and try to see how they have been and how they are going to go in the next year.

The Justice League expanded and they have been dealing with much much bigger threats and they also have to deal with the newly formed Legion of Doom. There is also the matter of the explosion and the massacre at the Sanctuary which will be really coming in handy come the Titans section.

Batman was supposed to get married, instead he got left at the altar, watched Dick Grayson get shot and may have to deal with the return of the Flashpoint Batman and the other big guy, Bane who is handling his life; there is supposed to be another gut punch in issue Batman #75. Superman started off good and when Bendis took over. He removed Lois Lane from the story and Super Son Jon Kent might now be bad, but there is always a chance that these are all story decisions and might work out in the future. Wonder Woman had a low key year where she had to take over the magic side of the DCU with the help of Zatanna; look for that to be a focus in the new year.

Barry Allen the Flash has to deal with the death of Wally West the Flash, a very very bad decision IMHO, and has to handle the return of his grandson Bart Allen Impulse and the upcoming battle with Zoom. Aquaman had a very major event that has changed his life and now has to deal with the loss of his identity while Mera searches for him. Martian Manhunter returned in prominence during this year and that is a good thing. Hal Jordan Green Lantern has been involved in various space affairs and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon.

The Titans had one of the worst years ever. They were disbanded by the Justice League. Nightwing was shot and is now an amnesiac. Roy Harper is dead. Wally West, who got to find out about his kids, is dead. Garth and Lilith are MIA. Donna Troy is unable to deal with all this shit and has been made an alcoholic; there is also the tiny good news of Kyle Rayner Green Lantern who appears to be joining the new version of the Titans and I think that is one of the decent things that I am actually excited about.

Young Justice is back baby. Tim Drake, Conner Kent, Cassie Sandsmark and Bart Allen are gonna be starring in a book of their own and that is gonna be one of the few things that DC is actually doing right.

There is Supergirl on a space journey, Batgirl tackling some political stuff, there is the Teen Titans acting more like the teen Suicide Squad. Plus there is the Sanctuary event, Heroes in Crisis, which should be called the “Titans Slaughter” event. There is also the Shazam series which is bringing him and his extended family back to prominence.

Doomsday clock is going on its own pace and it is a sincere wish that it returns the JSA, LOSH and the Titans team back to the Dc Universe.

DC has really gone downhill in my opinion. The hopeful tone set by DC Rebirth is all gone and now stands a even darker universe; can it still get back to that world is the major question. I really hope they go back to the new world they set and actually get back to the overall DC Rebirth mystery.

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