The Column: Happy New Year 2019 – A Positive Message!

New Year 2019

Welcome to the Column!

This week I just wanted to spread some positive messages and something like that, you know.

Right now the world is in a dark place and day by day everything seems kinda hopeless. Your dreams, your life, the question mark of whether we might succeed is becoming bigger every day. At times like this and whatever that happens around us, it is kinda hard, you know, and you start thinking what is the freaking point?

There is actually no big cosmic reason; we all have our own lives and it is up to us to find the point of it, no matter how small or big it might be. We have to remember that we are living our lives for ourselves and nobody else.

Everyday we get up and we do the same things again and again and for most of us, that is life; this monotonous dreary thing that we can’t escape from. I think that is the biggest thing we all need to get away from. Spice life up a bit and don’t live the same day again.

Now you might be wondering what I am trying to get at? Well, comics and TV shows and everything that other people or some people say is a waste of time; we all would have heard that from someone, at some point or the other. Well, I want to say it is not. It is something that can only be understood by the people who actually watches or reads them.

You see for most of us, those things are the escape from this world; those stories inspire us, they make us want to be better, they make us want to achieve, more importantly, they give us a good time and that is something that is getting rare day by day. So take the time to kinda appreciate every body in your lives, tell the people close to you that you love them, spend time doing what you love. Don’t start this new year by doing the same thing that you have done over the past couple of months; do something new, experiment, and that that will be the best thing that you could do,

Now I realize that you might think who is this person to tell me what to do. That is a very valid question and the answer is nobody. I am just another person living on this Earth with my own hopes and fears and dreams and all I want is for this world to be at peace when everyday we get subjected to various tragedies. I hope upon reading this, maybe, if you said a kind word or two to somebody else that that will be the biggest success of this article. The world ain’t gonna change in one day, but maybe we can try slowly. All I wanted to do was put a positive message out in the world as we stand on the brink of something new.

So happy New Year 2019 everyone and I hope you all have a great time and enjoy the things you have and the people that are around you in your life.

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