WWE NXT UK Review: Episode 26

January 16, 2019 – Blackpool, Lancashire

Ligero def. Saxon Huxley
Ligero won in 5:20 with a springboard DDT, which they’re calling the Si For El (I assume, I’m going to need to see it written somewhere). There’s just nothing interesting about Huxley outside of the Christ-related chants that he provokes. Ligero’s going to need some kind of motivation to get over too, because he’s still just a guy in a mask with a pair of dildos on it. *¾

Jinny def. Isla Dawn
Jinny won in 6:42 (feeling more like twice or three times that long) with an implant X-Factor. I guess I spaced out last week when Jinny was attacking Dawn backstage, because I have no memory of that segment. This was real bad. The crowd, which would become loud as hell later in the evening, weren’t pulled in by anything these two were doing. It’s probably because most of it was awkward as hell. It was especially disappointing after seeing Dawn have an interesting match against Xia Brookside on last week’s TV, and knowing Jinny is capable of more as well. I’d love someone to explain to me while Viper doesn’t have a gig on this brand but Dawn does. *

Travis Banks is furious that Jordan Devlin took him out of their Takeover match. He challenges Devlin to a match next week. If that match ends up being good then we’ll have gotten the best of both worlds!

Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner def. Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews
The European Union won in 9:38 when they hit a powerbomb/elbow combo on Webster. I half thought this match would end up on Takeover, but I’m happy to have the loop on this angle closed here at any rate. The crowd’s cork got popped here, as they started going crazy for the action here thanks to Flash Mandrews’ flips and the European Union’s double-team work. It was also a nice touch that Andrews got taken out of the match in the same way that Aichner had been attacking everyone leading up to this. ***¼

Huh, that was a really short episode. You’d think they’d fill it with some post-Takeover promos or something (beyond Travis Banks I mean). Welp, at least that European Union angle got blown off and they can get into the tag title scene now.