AJ Styles Reacts To Gillette Commercial, Addresses Toxic Masculinity And More

Pro Wrestling Sheet has provided a transcript of a recent appearance AJ Styles made on the program Louder with Crowder, a show on BlazeTV.com.

On the recent Gillette commercial: “When I watched the commercial I was trying to understand who they were talking to,” Styles questioned. “I have a wife, and a daughter … and 3 boys … but, I think about my daughter. So I had to find out what this was. What was so toxic. And apparently, from what I’m understanding, it was just … being mean to women?”

On Toxic Masculinity: ““I didn’t even know about this toxic stuff going on, I’m a man. I’ve got testosterone going through my body. We are different than women. It’s just the way it is and some men will never change.”

You can read more and see a clip Right Here.

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