DC Comics Universe & Suicide Squad #50 Spoilers: How Does The Series End? Who Lives & Who Dies? What’s Next For Task Force X?

DC Comics Universe and Suicide Squad #50 Spoilers follows.

How Does The Series End? Who Lives and Who Dies? What’s Next For Task Force X?

We open with team battling Amanda Waller who has become a giant lava monster.

We get a recap on how that all went down…

…before we see Deadshot and Captain Boomerang act against their self-interest and easily flee; instead they stay to fight the threats!

Rick Flag realizes the lava monster soldiers are old military allies he thought were dead…

…while elsewhere Amanda Waller lava monster infects Harley Quinn and they both attack the team!

Katana proves a difference maker with her Soultaker sword…

…as Deadshot save Captain Boomerang – from following the lava entities into a portal (which freed Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn and the others from their thrall) – with…

…a trademark impossible shot.

Meanwhile, Rick Flag mourns his former allies who have finally died for real this time; the lava monster influences have gone.

A convoluted story and poor art marks the end of this run of Suicide Squad. Sad.

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