Marvel Comics Universe & Winter Soldier #2 Spoilers: The Dangerous Path Of Hydra’s Teen Assassin?!


Marvel Comics Universe and Winter Soldier #2 Spoilers follows.

The Dangerous Path Of Hydra’s Teen Assassin?! The book opens with a storyline catch-up and creators’ credits page.

We open with a flashback to teen Hydra assassin’s brutal training at the hand of Mr. Colt.

In modern day, RJ has confronted the Winter Soldier…

…a battle ensues and…

…we learn RJ’s vibranium blade can cut through Winter Soldier’s bionic arm. Nonetheless, Winter Soldier subdues him using his damaged prosthetic arm.

RJ is tied up and Winter Soldiers rides them on his motorcycle somewhere. However, unbeknownst to Winter Soldier…

…RJ activates his tracker that brings Mr. Colt into the mix.

Mr. Colt abandons RJ…

…and the Winter Soldier dispatches Mr. Colt.

The book ends with a promising possible partnership between the Winter Soldier and RJ.

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