Rey Mysterio Visits Eddie Guerrero’s Grave For The First Time

Rey Mysterio posted on Instagram yesterday that he visited Eddie Guerrero’s grave for the first time. Check out the post below:

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Always had a hard time wanting to visit Eddie & found myself cowardly refusing it due to the pain & memories from that day………Finally this past Monday, after 13yrs, I had the courage to visit him and have a one on one moment with him…. & …….exactly what I feared of happening, happened. Memories from that day were flashing through my head but his presence was much stronger and was able to cope and maintain my composure. After my conversation & connection with him I left with a Huge internal Smile and felt a soothing & peaceful ♥️! Eddie has been such an inspiration not only to me but to many & will always continue to do so. I witnessed that day, that future wrestlers who never had the opportunity to meet him took the time to stop by and pay their respects wishing they would of had the honor and privilege to have met him & been around him like many of us did! I truly miss you WeeWeeto! #YouWill4EverLiveInOur🖤’s #WeLoveYou

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