DC Comics Universe & The Flash Annual #2 Spoilers: Heroes In Crisis Wally West Flash Fallout & Bart Allen Impulse Young Justice Lead-In? Plus A New Villain Emerges?

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DC Comics Universe and The Flash Annual #2 Spoilers follows.

Heroes In Crisis Wally West Flash Fallout and Bart Allen Impulse Young Justice Lead-In? Plus A New Villain Emerges?

Bart Allen Impulse is back and looking for his family!

At the same time Barry Allen the Flash is dealing with the death of his one-time protégé the adult Wally West the Flash who has seemingly died in Heroes In Crisis. Although this past week’s Heroes in Crisis #5 (full spoilers here) seems to have created a return path for the adult Wally West.

Barry Allen looks for Wally West in the Speed Force, but…

…finds a hiding Godspeed instead. A battle ensures involving the Flash Family.

Barry Allen tells the young Wally West Kid Flash of the elder Wally’s death.

He then tells Iris West.

The book ends with Bart Allen at the Flash Museum wondering about the adult Wally West as…

…he goes to find his friends that leads into Young Justice #1 (full spoilers here).

We then pivot to Godspeed…

…who reveals he used his gauntlet to get Speed Force samples from the Flash Family.

A new threat emerges for Barry Allen!

Due to his colors and gauntlet many believe this may be John Fox…

…who in previous continuity was a future Flash in the traditional red and yellow colors as part of the Justice Legion as part of DC One Million.

Perhaps the villain is Malcolm Thawne aka Cobalt Blue? That would make sense too based on colors and the comment about family.

It was also revealed that Cobalt Blue was actually Malcolm Thawne Allen, Barry Allen’s secret twin brother.


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