The Column: This Beloved DC Comics Super-Hero Might Be The Heroes In Crisis Scapegoat?! (Heroes In Crisis #5 Spoilers)

This column contains Heroes In Crisis #5 spoilers.

The Saga of Wally West

Welcome to the Column where we talk about the currently dead (possibly alive) Wally Westh.

Wally West was The Flash who died in the opening issue of Heroes in Crisis. His return signalled the start of Rebirth and a much more hopeful and brighter DC Universe.

His death also signified the current state of a much darker and more hopeless universe effectively ending the Rebirth era.

Now before I start, I want to quote Tom King here. The guy who killed Wally West and writes Heroes in Crisis. He recently said this in a recent interview

      Me and Joshua (Williamson, the current writer of the Flash ongoing series) actually disagree on that. He likes Barry. He’s a fool. Wally’s a much better Flash.

He then remarks that he thinks Barry is the epitome of a generic white guy. Just thought that it was quite ironic in some ways. That’s all.

What has happened?

After the events of the Flash War, Wally West went to the Sanctuary with a hope to get over the loss of his family. Then we get to see Wally dead, front and centre and then Barry Allen, the other Flash, takes forever to find out. Blah blah blah and flashback over.

That was the end. It is also worth noting that Wally has not been acknowledged nor his death been discussed especially when you consider Roy Harper, aka Arsenal who also died in Heroes in Crisis #1, has been talked about in the pages of Green Arrow, Heroes in Crisis, Teen Titans, Titans and what not. They even talk about Dick Grayson aka Nightwing getting shot so many times, but nary a mention of Wally.

This week.

This all brings us around to this week, we have some major revelations as Booster Gold remarks that the Wally West body that was found was five days older that it should have been. Something that is suspicious.

Then we have a figure rising and holding up a rose; possibly the rose that Harley Quinn threw in the water mourning another thought-to-be-dead character Poison Ivy. That figure who pick up the rose is eerily reminiscent of Wally West and a costume with red gloves. This is a major game changer.

Wally West is possibly alive. Good news.

It also brings forth some very bad news. That this could be a hint that Wally West might have been the killer due to some AI problems that caused him to do it.

There is a better word for that known as character assassination. It is rite of passage for Titans. Roy Harper went that way in Rise of Arsenal and now he is not Roy Harper for most people, he is Jason Todd aka Red Hood’s sidekick. He never recovered.

Dick Grayson is undergoing something like that currently and Heroes in Crisis might be Wally West’s very own story.

The Hints.

There have been rumours swirling that Wally West is the killer and that he might be sent to a new Suicide Squad series which lines up with the Suicide Squad’s current series’ ending and the current scenario.

There have also been other rumours like Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom or Reverse Flash framing Wally West and being the true killer. Either way it doesn’t look good.

The biggest indication is the cover to April 2019’s Heroes in Crisis #8 which shows Wally West with his family in a field overlooking Sanctuary and guess what? The issue is going to be the one to reveal the killer

I would love for it all to be just a damn coincidence but some part of me is just expecting the worst at this point.


Whatever happens, I hope our redheaded speedster one day gets the deserved attention and respect that he earned so long ago.

I still don’t understand why there is not a Wally West the Flash solo series despite there being a multitude of other series we don’t need.

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