Marvel Comics Universe & Uncanny X-Men #11 Spoilers: The X-Men Are Dead After X-Men Disassembled? So Who Are The Last X-Men That Cyclops & Wolverine Will Lead?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Uncanny X-Men #11 Spoilers follows.

The X-Men Are Dead After X-Men Disassembled? So Who Are The Last X-Men That Cyclops and Wolverine Will Lead?!

The book opens with a storyline catch-up and creator’s credits page.

The action begins with Cyclops, Scott Summers, saving the mutant called Blindfold, Ruth Aldine, who has psychically-based powers. She informs him that the X-Men are dead.

Cylops then goes to Ben Urich of the Daily Planet who confirms that the world believes the X-Men are dead.

Cyclops then attends an anti-mutant rally where he is attacked and his glasses fall off making his optic beams go amok.

Captain America intervenes and gets his glasses back on; Cyclops then…

…uses the media coverage to make a call for a meeting with any surviving X-Men.

Cyclops is met by villains: Donald Pearce and his Reavers, The Purifiers, and the Sapien League.

Fortunately Wolverine, Logan comes to Cyclops aid…

…and the two make shot work of the villains…

…afterwards heading off to reform the X-Men.

The book includes two back-up stories. The first focuses on what happened to Wolverine…

…before he met up to assist Cyclops.

The second story focuses on…


For folks interested, her mutation is a bit unsettling, but she does have psychically-based powers.

Next up, in two weeks, is Uncanny X-Men #12 out on February 20, 2019. Uncanny X-Men is now twice monthly instead of weekly like it was during X-Men Disassembled.

So, who are the Last X-Men?

Although March 2019’s Uncanny X-Men #13 and…

…Uncanny X-Men #14 seems to hint at an answer to the team roster.

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