The Column: The Journey Of Scott Summers! Was Cyclops Wrong? A Look At Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men Once & Future Leader?

A Cyclops Apology

Welcome to the Column where I talk about one of the most ill-treated and hated mutants in recent times, Cyclops.

First of all, have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Scott Summers aka Cyclops, but that doesn’t mean he sucks or that he should have been treated the way he has been.

The Past Treatment.

Scott Summers losing his moral compass and finding it should have been an amazing story that should have gotten the required development and the necessary aftermath.

Instead Marvel went with a direction that could be considered… what’s the word? Ah, polarizing.

They effectively divided the X-Men franchise which might have been the goal with schism. There was always the Wolverine and Cyclops divide and Marvel fed into it by causing a huge moment for the X-Men.

That debate further intensified with the Avengers vs. X-Men event as it effectively portrayed Cyclops as the damn villain. Of course, you could justify he wasn’t in control or that somehow, maybe he was right. All are valid arguments.

But the matter of the fact remains is that for most people it effectively made Cyclops bad. He became the most hated mutant in the Marvel Universe on and off it.

The Continuation.

The later series then further made it worse as he ran around losing sight of what made him awesome in the first place. He became a mutant terrorist, or some would even say, the thing he fought against his entire life.

There was time-displaced teen Cyclops and some redeeming aspects and all, but nothing ever really made adult Cyclops good enough for people.

I’ll admit I hated him; I had hated him ever since he put X-23 on a team. Maybe he knew that it would help her as it has had a huge impact on her.

But nevertheless, they ended his problem with the easiest solution, kill him and the problem is over, over course it just made him even more polarized.

He was now supposed to have done something awful against the Inhumans that had caused him to be hated once more.

The Rebirth.

That’s where this Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 comes in. It brings him back. It brings the return of the person Scott Summers is supposed to be.

The guy who everybody can trust to make the right decision. The guy who is a hero to everyone. There was an excellent moment where Scott decides to save the life of a human family and effectively portraying the message.

I think that’s something that was really required. This issue made me love Cyclops and I am excited to see how his journey proceeds from here.

Cyclops at the end, admits he was wrong, that won’t go over well with some fans, but it is the right direction if you ask me. This Cyclops draws a line in the sand and understands that he became the same thing that he had been fighting against his entire life.

With the X-Men currently sent somewhere, it is up to Scott and a returning Logan aka Wolverine to set up a new Uncanny X-Men team and that is something that I can’t wait to see. It all began in this week’s Uncanny X-Men #11.

The truth is the X-Men have never recovered from the first schism and it is about time for them to get their shit together with Scott, Logan and Jean Grey at the forefront.

Welcome back, Slim.

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