Chris Jericho & DDP Recall Vince McMahon’s Banned Terms

Wrestling Inc. has a transcript of a recent conversation between Chris Jericho and Diamond Dallas Page on Jericho’s podcast “Talk is Jericho.” They spoke about terms Vince McMahon couldn’t stand.

“First off, Jericho noted that a championship title should never be referred to as a ‘belt’.

“‘Hey Vince, I don’t know if I should lose the belt.’ [Imitating McMahon] ‘The what?’ ‘Sorry, the title.'” Jericho explained, “you couldn’t say ‘belt’ because a belt is what you use to hold up your pants.”

In addition to establishing championship cummerbunds, McMahon has declared that fans are to called the ‘WWE Universe’ and definitely not ‘marks’.

“You couldn’t say ‘fans’ because it’s the ‘WWE Universe’,” Jericho recalled. “And never say ‘marks’ because [imitating McMahon] ‘they’re not marks – they’re our fans!’

Check out the full report Right Here.

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