DC Comics, Marvel, Image & Beyond Comic Book Icons Karl Kesel & Tom Grummett Bring Section Zero Back With Section Zero 1959 Through Kickstarter!

DC Comics, Marvel, Image and Beyond Comic Book Icons Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett Bring Section Zero Back With Section Zero 1959 Through Kickstarter!

The announcement:

      SECTION ZERO 1959!

      ATOMIC MUTATIONS! FLYING SAUCERS! COMMIES! Karl Kesel & Tom Grummett’s SECTION ZERO returns— in an ALL NEW graphic novel set in 1959!


      SECTION ZERO is not a secret section of the United Nation’s charter. it does not fund a team of experts and explorers to investigate the strange and unknown. This team is an urban myth— as “real” as the UFOs and monsters they’re “protecting mankind from.”

      And in 1959— they didn’t know how much they didn’t know.

      Welcome To 1959

      Glad you’re here. I’m Karl Kesel, writer and inker on, well, a ton of comics the past 35 years, but most importantly: this project.

      SECTION ZERO 1959 is the second graphic novel featuring the popular team of hi-octane adventurers co-created by myself and Tom Grummett.

      It’s also the first all-new SECTION ZERO graphic novel ever!

      Our baseline idea is “Jack Kirby does the X-Files.” So all those cool, creepy creatures Mulder and Scully faced… but with lots more punching and explosions. This time we’re focusing on the original team, back in 1959. When men were men, and aliens were Little Green Men.

      Zero Details

      We’re Kickstarting the SECTION ZERO 1959 ULTRA-COOL COLLECTORS’ EDITION, which will look a lot like this:

        • Hardcover
        • Oversized— 7.5 x 11 inches. Larger than most trade paperbacks.
        • 124+ Full-color Pages
        • Introduction by Mark Waid. I hear he knows a few things about comics.
        • Pin-ups by Erik Larsen! Steve Rude! Ron Randall! Leila del Duca! And more! With their creator-owned characters teaming-up with Tom and my SECTION ZERO characters! How cool is that?
        • “Zero Secrets”— behind-the-scenes sketches and stories about how the book came together.
        • Spot gloss on the cover? Ribbon bookmark? Full color endsheets? Fingers crossed. See Stretch Goals.

To learn more about this Kickstarter, including stretch goals and other reward, and to support the project visit here.

Here are the primary character bios.

Plus, some teaser and preview pages.

Again, to support this project visit here.

Also, more on Section Zero comics over at Panic Button Press.

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