Marvel Comics Universe & Avengers No Road Home #1 Spoilers & Review: Voyager Recruits Avengers To Deal With A Universal Threat Who Has Already Felled The Greek Gods?! (Avengers #708)

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Marvel Comics Universe and Avengers No Road Home #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Avengers #708 Sees Voyager Recruit Avengers To Deal With A Universal Threat Who…

…Has Already Felled The Greek Gods?! (Avengers #708)

The book opens with storyline catch-up and creator credits page.

What follows is a dramatis personae, but…

…the book ends with more explanatory notes on the key players of this limited weekly series.

Voyager is back and first recruits the Immortal Hulk for a new mission.

Next Vision and Spectrum are recruited.

Next is Scarlet Witch who is with Hawkeye…

…whom Hulk seems to hold a grudge with over an arrow to the head back in the day in Civil War II.

Final recruits are Hercules who is with Rocket Raccoon.

Olympus is in peril so…

…Voyager takes this motley crew of Avengers there. And its a destroyed wasteland.

Goddess Athena dies in Hercules seemingly dies…

…as Nyx the Queen of Night is revealed as the villainess behind this limited Avengers weekly series.

Then we get a look at the next 3 weeks of issues.

The Pulse:

Solid art and a great line-up through an interesting yarn. 8 out of 10.

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