Extreme Retro Review #004: ECW 4/21/93


Eastern Championship Wrestling

HARDCORE TV 04/21/93


Hosts: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful

Location: Cabrini Field House

Attendance: 150… Maybe

-Stevie announces that the former World Champ is going to come in and do color commentary for the night and “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert comes out instead. LOL. Everything is gearing towards Funk/Gilbert at ECWs first big show. It is the match that’s going to draw the crowd that they want. The build for the match is first, quick and once its out of the way, you can kinda forget about it and focus on the rest of the show. Funk/Gilbert has to be done correctly, because this promotion is basically one bad angle away from closing. Heyman can’t get here quick enough. Gilbert’s promo brings out Terry Funk. Hot Stuff is apologetic towards Funk, but Funk’s not buying it. Gilbert walks off. Funk is apprehensive of everyone, to include Eddie Gilbert.

-Good thing about VHSRips/Tape Trader is some time you get commercials. Yeah, you *could* FFWD, but then you would be missing out on what television was like in 1993. See what the local channels are promoting. In Philly’s case, its all about Pawn Shops, Pizza and Bow-Flex.

Tag Team Match: Super Ninja & Canadian Wolfman vs. The Super Destroyers (w/HQR3)

The D’s are clearly heels at this point., jump-starting the heat. They beat up the enhancement guys with the tag belts. #2 with the enzurgiri as Funk starts to plant babyface seeds early. Terrible powerslam as Philly roast #2. Sulli on PBP is terrible while Funk & Wonderful have good ongoing chemistry. Ninja is in as the squash continues. There is NO ONE in the venue. Side Slam/Senton combo FTW (DUD) Wolfman gets beat up post-match for good measure.

-Funk conducts an interview with HQR3. Hunter is tired of the Funk disrespect, so Gilbert comes though and bashes Funk with a chair. Another chair shot and Finnegan bumps on the floor.

Round 2 TV Title Tournament Match: #4 “Iron Man” Tommy Cairo vs. #1 Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (w/Eddie Gilbert & Tigra)

As Geek Artese is announcing Snuka, Gilbert is wearing a cowboy hat, mocking Funk. Snuka isn’t jobbing, but Cairo is undefeated in ECW. I’m expecting a DQ finish. Cairo shows his strength early, but Snuka takes over. Nice piledriver with a RVD bump. That bump alone should have made Snuka into a killer, but Cairo is an up and comer, so he shrugs it off for 2. Gilbert grabs Cairo, heel miscue & a ref bump. Cairo has the visual pin, but Johnny HotBody runs-in (Called it.) Cairo dumps HotBody. Powerslam/Snuka splash FTW (**) Snuka moves on in the tourney.

-Sulli is brought to the ring by Gilbert for an interview. He then cuts a promo impersonating Terry Funk. Gilbert then morphs into a crazy-Memphis heel style promo, putting over “Airborne” Jimmy Snuka. Gilbert claims Funk is done in pro wrestling and Snuka will be the next TV champion. “Hot Stuff International” is formally formed in ECW.

Round 2 TV Title Tournament Match: #2 “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert vs. #3 Glen Osbourne

“Hat Guy” sighting. Confused because Cabrini Field College kinda looks like the ECW arena at this point. Gilbert cuts a promo putting over Tigra. He then gives Osbourne an ultimatum: Leave the business. Osbourne decks Gilbert and the cray Memphis brawl is on. You know what it entails. Brass Knux to Osbourne FTW (DUD) and its Snuka/Gilbert in the TV Title finals. Sulli stooges to the ref about the foreign object and the ref reverses the decision ON THE SPOT. Gilbert is about to go after Sulli, but TERRY FUNK comes back with a chair to back then down. He starts ripping on Wonderful and Gilbert. Funk cuts a fiery promo about kicking ass. He says that Gilbert thinks he is a fool… an old man & an endangered species. He may be all those things and if he wants to wrestle; fight or shoot, he can BECAUSE TERRY FUNK IS BACK!!! Terry Funk has un-retired. It’s logical and it’s with 2 named guys. Funk/Gilbert will draw & payoff (See: Battle of the Belts/ERR #1)

-Plug for the 5/11 & 5/15 tapings. They will be held at this place on Swanson/Ritner called the “ECW Dome” confirming that this shit-box is NOT the ECW Arena. Good. It’s like the K of C hall mixed with some local armory. It sucks. Moving on.

-Sulli asks Ms. Peaches what was with the kiss on Sandman last week. (There was a kiss last week?) She replies:” Well, he is the ECW champ.” So, $50 a night can get you a smooch from this thot ass bitch? I’ll pass. She puts over Mr. Sandman (LOL) as having muscles (L.O.L.) a great body (LMAO) and generally being a winner. (Don’t take much fellas.) She is awful even by 1993 standards, so imagine when I see her in 2000… EGAD! Out comes The Rockin’ Rebel. He asks Peaches what does Sandman have that he doesn’t? He wants a kiss from Peaches, so she slaps him.

The Rockin’ Rebel vs. Brad Cody

Complete squash. Spinebuster FTW (DUD) Post-Match, Rebel grabs Peaches and brings her into the ring. Sandman runs-in to no heat. Tigra helps Rebel. Rebel grabs and BREAKS THE SURFBOARD over Sandman’s back!!! Sulli with the over-dramatic call… “He may be dead.” What a weapon. Finnegan and the geeks come out to save Sandman.

TV Title Tournament Final: #1 Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (w/Eddie Gilbert) vs. #3 Glen Osbourne

Obviously Snuka goes over. Stevie is checking on Sandman, so Tod is on commentary. Basic match. Face shine, Heel heat. Snuka with the Splash FTW (DUD) Snuka is the first TV champ in the new era. Makes sense.

-Stevie in the back inquiring about the ECW champion Sandman. Peaches cuts Stevie off. She said he’s hurt…may have a concussion but check next week… The debut of Don Muraco… yay.

Overall: Better paced show. Funk/Gilbert is good. TV Champ is Snuka. Everyone was here was featured strong or showcased. Thumbs up for storytelling. The matches are a chore.

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It still sucks…


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