Daniel Craig Joins Cast Of Todd Field’s “The Creed Of Violence”

According to JoBlo, Todd Field has found his leading man for “The Creed of Violence,” and it’s Daniel Craig.

“Daniel Craig has been James Bond for well over a decade, but the actor is already making plans for his future without the secret agent. According to Collider, Craig’s first post-Bond film will be THE CREED OF VIOLENCE, an adaptation of Boston Teran’s novel of the same name which will be helmed by Todd Field (IN THE BEDROOM).

The project has been in development for a number of years, with actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale circling roles at one point, but it seems as though it’s finally coming together. Set in 1910 during the Mexican Revolution, THE CREED OF VIOLENCE will center around an assassin known as Rawbone (Craig) as well as a young government agent named John Lourdes as they travel from Texas to Mexico in order to bring down a smuggling ring. I like the sound of that. The script is said to be making the rounds as Todd Field moves to set up the rest of the cast, but we’ve still got a bit of a wait ahead of us before shooting begins. At the moment, production is expected to begin in the spring of 2020 once BOND 25 has wrapped up. It’s been quite some time since Field’s last film, 2006’s LITTLE CHILDREN, so it will be great if the project finally gets off the ground.”

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