DVD Review: Sesame Street (Celebrate Family)

The biggest mistake new families can make when it comes to TV shows that their kids like is relying on streaming. Sure they think they’re making a wise move and not running out and buying home videos. They remember the piles of VHS tapes from when they were a kid that filled the playroom. They dream of a neat Marie Conde world so they won’t even buy a DVD for the kid because why bother? They have a streaming service and even apps that provide all the shows the kid has embraced. But here’s a sticky question: What are they going to do when the internet goes down? Having worked for a cable company’s helpline, I can assure you that the internet and cable does go down. Sometimes it’s a quick fix. And other times you call up on a Thursday and get told that the soonest they can send a truck to your house is Wednesday. What are you doing to do? Do you really want to burn your precious data plan letting the kid watch TV on your phone? Because your other option is nearly a week of the kid screaming that their shows are missing. These kids have a limited amount of screen time and they don’t plan on giving it all up so you can read them a book based on their favorite TV show. This is why it’s good to have a shelf with DVDs for emergencies. In case you lose electricity, you can put the disc on a battery powered portable DVD player. Because you want a happy family when the internet or power is out. Luckily Sesame Street: Celebrate Family deals with what makes families tick and happiness.

There are a variety of families and Sesame Street varies the sketches to different family units. Abbys family visits Elmo’s house for dinner. She learns that kids can help make dinner as Elmo’s dad prepares the pizza. Cookie Monster is in a bind when he realizes he hasn’t bought his mother a gift for Mother’s Day. Rosita wants to record a video for her dad to celebrate father’s day. But she needs a little help.
Abby introduces her new stepbrother to the monsters of Sesame Street. Mr. Hooper’s Store throws a party for grandparents and their grandchildren. Elmo is so excited until he gets news about his grandparents’ plane flight. But his friends do their best to make it a special day.

Sesame Street: Celebrate Family focuses on home life and the people at home. It makes a case for why these people matter. And you’ll realize why a DVD matters when the internet cable goes down during a snowstorm. How many times can you hear “Is the internet back!” before you walk into the blizzard looking for a dangling wire in the trees? Although after your kid watches the episode, you might want to have a pizza ready for them to cover in toppings.

The video is 1.78:1 anamorphic. The transfer brings out the detail in the Muppet fur. The audio is Dolby Digital stereo. You’ll hear the songs clearly. The episodes are subtitled in English and Spanish.

Siblings Episode (55:53) is an old episode from back when the show was an hour. It opens with Murray. The topic is the frustrations and fun of having a sibling. Super Grover helps a chicken get over the Great Wall of China. It’s #4269 for those scoring at home.

Marvie’s Song For Dad (2:30) is a new animated character who wants to make a card for their father. It’s a cute song that include’s dad’s ability to catch bugs.

Shout! Factory presents Sesame Street: Celebrate Family. Starring: Elmo, Baby Bear, Abby, Rosita and Big Bird. Running Time: 66 minutes. Released: February 5, 2019.

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