Marvel Comics Universe & Return Of Wolverine #5 Spoilers: How Did Wolverine Cheat Death & How Does This Issue Lead To Uncanny X-Men #11 / 12 & Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1?

Marvel Comics Universe and Return Of Wolverine #5 Spoilers follows.

How Did Wolverine Cheat Death and How Does This Issue Lead To Uncanny X-Men #11 / 12 and Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1?

The book opens with a creators’ credits page.

Wolverine is a space base looking for his foil and capture Persephone.

She appears, but she doesn’t trust Wolverine yet, so she’s a hologram of sorts.

She walks home through the complex; this is where the resurrected reside. The smart minds and talents she’s brought back from death.

She’s weaponized resurrection and even brought Wolverine’s son back from death as well, naturally, his father…

…Logan the Wolverine.

He escapes Persephone clutches and works to destroy her satellites…

…as well as the space base that he’s still on!

The book ends with Wolverine showing up at New York City’s Xavier Institute…

…while readers learn that his next adventure is Wolverine: Infinity Watch whose debut issue is also out this week!

This was a convoluted mini-series. Wolverine’s slow tease return at the back of select Marvel Comics was underwhelming. As such, I do not have high expectations for the Wolverine: Infinity Watch mini-series. However, on the plus side, the core Uncanny X-Men has proved to be a compelling read since his return and I’m pleased his back in his brown costume. That variant from Return of Wolverine #1 was a favorite of mine.

Btw, I’m a bit sleep deprived, but were Wolverine’s hot claws every explained in this mini-series?

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