DC Comics Universe & Heroes In Crisis #6 Spoilers & Review: Wally West The Flash Gets The Spotlight??!! With Gnarkk, Harley Quinn &… The Joker?! Plus The Killer Revealed?

DC Comics Universe and Heroes In Crisis #6 Spoilers and Review follows.

Wally West The Flash Gets The Spotlight?! With Gnarkk, Harley Quinn and… The Joker?! Plus The Killer Revealed?

The book is basically told from the perspectives of Wally West the Flash, Harley Quinn and Gnarrk before they died in Heroes in Crisis #1.

You can see from the tales from their perspectives…

…that are mentally fragile…

…and unwell.

We do also get glimpses of what happened right before the events of Heroes in Crisis #1; when the emergency evacuation of Sanctuary was initiated.

Next to Wally West the Flash, the Harley Quinn flashbacks were the most interesting with Poison Ivy, but also two pages with…

…visions of the Joker.

I didn’t find the Gnarrk pages that engaging as he is an obscure character that I’m aware of, but many readers have no connection to in the way they would for the Wally West Flash and Harley Quinn.

The book ends with the moments before Heroes in Crisis #1 with the Gnarrk cradling dead Gunfire…

…Wally West Flash cradling a dead Roy Harper Arsenal with…

…Booster Gold shooting Wally West the Flash ad Harley Quinn clamours to be elsewhere.

I suspect that the Booster Gold shot may be what sent into the past or future since the corpse was not from this exact timeline as revealed earlier in this series. I don’t think Booster Gold is the killer, but we’ll see.

The Pulse:

This felt like a fill-in issue, because it and Heroes in Crisis #7 are tie-in issues that DC added to main mini-series. It was entertaining and illuminating, but likely will read better in the collected edition. Great art with dramatic and action-packed storytelling. However, I’d like to have seen more movement on main plotline instead of fill-in’s /tie-in’s. 7 out of 10.

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