Glenn Close Starring “Sunset Boulevard” Musical Moving Forward

Indiewire reports that seven-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close is already working on her next project, a musical adaptation of “Sunset Boulevard.”

“Olivia Colman’s Best Actress win over frontrunner Glenn Close was the biggest shock at the 2019 Oscars. Close had won nearly every precursor award on the circuit, including the Golden Globe and SAG Award, and with seven nominations to her name and no wins it became a no-brainer among Oscar pundits that now was Close’s time. Alas, the legend lost to Colman and continued to assume the title of the most Oscar-nominated living performer without an Oscar win.

Fortunately, Close is getting right back to work with a long-in-the-works passion project that might just give her another chance at the Oscar: “Sunset Boulevard.” Tony-winning choreographer Rob Ashford (“Thoroughly Modern Millie”) has been announced as the director of the upcoming musical, adapted from the 1993 Andrew Lloyd Webber show. The musical itself is an adaptation of Billy Wilder’s Oscar-winning 1950 film of the same name.”

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