Torrie Wilson To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

ESPN reports that this year’s female inductee into the Hall of Fame will be Torrie Wilson.

“When Torrie Wilson (aka, “Samantha”) decided to walk away from wrestling in 2008, it was because of a back injury. There was no goodbye, no one last match.

Her WWE journey has felt incomplete ever since, she says.

That changed when the WWE called her last week, a little more than 10 years after her retirement. “You are a 2019 WWE Hall of Famer,” she heard on the phone. It took her a couple of minutes to process the information. She was convinced they were just calling to invite her to a Wrestlemania event.

“This feels like a sweet closure,” Wilson, 43, told espnW. “Since I retired, so many people have asked me, ‘Do you feel bad you’ve never won a title?’ And I have always said no, because I felt like I got the value — even though it would have been nice [to win a title]. But being inducted into the Hall of Fame feels like a championship belt to me, because it really makes me feel appreciated.”

Wilson will join The Honky Tonk Man and D-Generation X — a group of wrestlers including Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Chyna — as the members of the 2019 Hall of Fame class. They’ll be inducted on April 6 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.”

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