DC Comics Universe & Doomsday Clock #9 Spoilers: Justice League, Superman Family, Batman & The Outsiders, Doom Patrol & More Vs. Doctor Manhattan Of The Watchmen? Plus The Legion Of Super-Heroes?!

DC Comics Universe and Doomsday Clock #9 Spoilers follows.

Justice League, Superman Family, Batman and The Outsiders, Doom Patrol and More Vs. Doctor Manhattan Of The Watchmen? Plus The Legion Of Super-Heroes?!

In addition to the below, the issue has stunning developments for Superman, Guy Gardner Green Lantern, an interesting Wally West The Flash nod and more (full spoilers here).

With that, we see Hawkman, Hawgirl and New Gods, Green Lanterns and Titans, Justice League…

…Superman Family and Metal Men, Justice League Dark, Doom Patrol and Flex Mentallo…

…Batman (Family) and the Outsiders, Shazam Family (Lightning League) and (presumably) Alpha Centurion, plus the Charlton Heroes ready to engage Doctor Manhattan.

And, after Guy Gardner Green Lantern gums things up…

…a battle ensues.

The heroic forces seem to win and defeat Doctor Manhattan.

However, all is not as it seems as…

…Doctor Manhattan reconstitutes himself and seemingly destroys all of DC heroes?! A scene spoiled on one of the two covers for this issue!

You may ask what about the Legion of Super-Heroes? Well, the book’s first page was set in the future with Doctor Manhattan holding in his hand a dead Legionnaire’s ring as a direct continuation from the other cover for this issue with the bloody Legion Of Super-Heroes flight ring. That is all for the LOSH in this issue.

However, being “set in the future” is a bit relative since Doctor Manhattan can exist in many times at once and sometimes just his mind wanders to different times while his body stays in the present. That’s why the DC heroes were able to confront him the present on Mars.

Awesome stuff and more to come!

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