Murtz Jaffer’s Big Brother Canada 7 Cast Breakdown & Predictions









Here we go!  Another season of Big Brother Canada!  Make sure to check out my Big Brother Canada 7 House Tour before reading my predictions below!











AGE: 31
HOMETOWN: Richmond Hill, ON
OCCUPATION: Gas Inspector

I believe Anthony is a smooth talker. I foresee him flirting with the girls while promising his allegiance with the boys. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will be able to fly under the radar and see him as pre-jury.










AGE: 30
HOMETOWN: Conception Bay South, NL
OCCUPATION: Beauty Salon Owner

I like Samatha. Newfoundlanders are very likeable (like Jon Pardy who ended up winning). By being a beauty salon owner, Samantha has a job that requires great social skills. The fact that she is over 30 is also a good thing as I think she will bring a certain maturity to the show. According to her Global pre-interview she tends to lose things, so if she is able to keep it together in challenges, I think she could be a threat to win.










AGE: 29
HOMETOWN: Edmonton, AB
Occupation: Travel Guide

I have a very hard time getting a read on Mark. In theory, I do like his pre game plan of going in to make a strong four person alliance before winning competitions near the middle part of the game. The issue is that, based on his videos, I am not sure if his personality will let him play under the radar. I suspect that this will be problematic. That said, I always appreciate players who do a lot of research before they head into the house. I am rooting for him, but I am just not sure.










AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Judicial Clerk

Laura has a strong personality. And in the early stages of the game, that is more of a detriment than an asset. I foresee her either winning an early HOH and imposing her will, or not winning an early HOH and still trying to impose her will. My prediction is pre-jury.










AGE: 25
HOMETOWN: Montreal, QC

I am a Kyra fan. I think they will do very well on this show and don’t offer a threatening vibe. That is very important on a show like Big Brother Canada. I believe Kyra will be able to effectively become friends with everyone and easily make it to the end game.










AGE: 28
HOMETOWN: Nadleh Whut’en, BC
OCCUPATION: Goalie Coach

Damien seems to be the houseguest that most people are picking to win. I see him doing well in the game, but he strikes me as the type of player who will not be able to throw competitions. The result will be other players recognizing how much of a threat he is. I think he will definitely make the jury but that smarter players will try to force him out at that point.










AGE: 23
HOMETOWN: Gatineau, QC

A self-described free spirit, I think Estefania will be someone who immediately grabs the attention of the guys. With her background in travel, I could see her gravitating toward Mark for sure. My feeling is that she is a showmance candidate and that the other houseguests will see that they need to eliminate the pair. I see her going just ahead of the halfway point.










AGE: 25
HOMETOWN: Montreal, QC
OCCUPATION: Cryptocurrency Developer

I think Eddie’s best move to try and align himself with his Quebec counterparts and then float. I do think that is possible if he is able to play his cards right. His personality doesn’t strike me as threatening and I do believe he is very intelligent. I am also hoping that he is able to connect with Kyra as I could them being a great pair. I think Eddie just needs to lay low at the beginning stages of the game. If he is able to successfully, I think he could go quite far.










AGE: 27
OCCUPATION: Civil Technician

I love this guy! Dane isn’t the type of player I usually select as the winner, but I think he is too likeable to evict. I think if he keeps flashing his toothless grin, the house will keep smiling as well. I like him as this season’s winner.










AGE: 23
HOMETOWN: Port Moody, BC

I think Kiera is smart enough to get into an early alliance. I see her being able to work the guys and using them as a shield. I also always believe any type of bartending background is an asset in a game where you have to make conversation and think quickly. I don’t think she is a threat to win, but I see her having a good run.










AGE: 27
HOMETOWN: Spaniard’s Bay, NL
OCCUPATION: Oil Field Worker

I think Adam’s biggest issue might be his athleticism. I think he is a good candidate to join Mark and Damien in an all-guy alliance. While they could dominate early competitions, I think there a lot of great under-the-radar players this season like Kyra and Eddie who would be able to see the threats in front of them and work to remove them. The problem is to accomplish that goal, they would need to beat guys like Adam and Damien in competitions. I think Adam will get to the Final 5 or so.










AGE: 42
HOMETOWN: Grand Prairie, AB

I like Kailyn and I think a psychic would be great to watch on this show. Unfortunately, I don’t see her being able to connect. The bigger issue is that on the first episode, the houseguests always target the oldest. It is just a fact. I hate to say it, but I think she will be the first to go.










AGE: 30
HOMETOWN: Edmonton, AB

I like Chelsea a lot. I think she has the right type of personality to win and if she teams up with Samantha, I could see them being a great duo. I think she also has what it takes to win and I am already rooting for her to align with Dane as if that happens, I could see them going quite far. I predict her going to the end. Final 2.









AGE: 31

I like Maki’s personality and I think he will be fun to watch. His best strategy is to try and go after the strong guys and band the misfits together. I just think he is another candidate that will be put up early. That said, he seems like he could also float while others are targeted ahead of him.

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