DC Comics Universe & Adventures Of Super Sons #8 Spoilers: Can Jon Kent Superboy & Damian Wayne Robin Finally Return Home, But At What Cost?!


DC Comics Universe and Adventures Of Super Sons #8 Spoilers follows.

Can Jon Kent Superboy and Damian Wayne Robin Finally Return Home, But At What Cost?!

Rex Luthor is after the Super Sons and Joker Jr…

…and he has an army to help him!

Damian Wayne Robin takes Jon Kent Superboy and Joker Jr. to a Batcave his prepared, among others, on the prison planet they’re trapped on/

Robin steps out and subdues two of Rex Luthor’s army and also gets a Green Lantern ,masquerading as part of Luthor’s team, to help them instead. After explaining his origin…

…the Green Lanterns points the Super Sons to the Vroom Tube that can take them home.

They use the costumes of the captured Luthor Gang members to masquerade as them and get to close to the Vroom Tube with their Super Sons prisoners.

They’re caught by Rex Luthor and Joker Jr. seemingly turns on the Super Sons by reminding Rex Luthor of his bigger plan…

…convincing him to let the Super Sons to escape back to Earth.

Well, the Super Sons interaction with Lex Luthor Jr. and his Gang isn’t over. While they aren’t on the cover for Adventures of the Super Sons #9…

…they are on the cover to Adventures of the Super Sons #10.

The series wraps up with its June and July 2019 issues.

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