Comics Industry Fan Fave Gail Simone Expands Catalyst Prime Universe (CPU) At Lion Forge! First Look!

Comics Industry Fan Fave Gail Simone Expands Catalyst Prime Universe (CPU) At Lion Forge! First Look!

Deadline reports:

      ‘Seven Days’: Gail Simone Masters Her Universe For Lion Forge Comics

      One of the most intriguing headlines out of last year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego was the announcement that Gail Simone, one of the top comic book writers in the world, would be taking the helm of the Catalyst Prime Universe, the sandbox for the superheroes featured in the pages of Lion Forge Comics. Lion Forge was founded back in 2011 with a mission in mind — hard-wiring a new superhero universe with the principles of cultural diversity and representation that would be reflected by the ranks of both its characters and its creators. Adding Simone, and accomplished superhero specialist and an outspoken voice on women’s issues, into that mix brought the promise of big things but the details have been scant. That changes today.

      Simone is the architect behind Seven Days, a new publishing “event” series that will unite the heroes of the CPU for seven issues that countdown the days of one week — a week that happens to be the final one in the history of humanity. That’s the promise, at least, of the alien invader who is considerate enough to give the people of earth that window of time to put their affairs in order before they are wild off the face of the planet to make way for a reptilian remodeling.

      Today Deadline has the first artwork from the high-profile publishing event and the first interview with Simone detailing her plots and plans for the CPU. We also talk to the writer (whose esteemed credits include celebrated runs on Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and Birds of Prey) about heroic diversity, both literal and figurative, on today, the first day of International Women’s Month. Simone also shared her longview thoughts on a comic book career that is nearing its 20th anniversary.

Here’s more of the art that was released.

A full interview with Simone is available at Deadline too.

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