TFcon 2019 LA Customizing Class

Welcome to TFcon, Primates! I just finished up the TFcon LA customization class. This was my first TFcon customizing class and it was a little different than I expected. I was used to the Botcon customizing class, which had a toy that needed to be fully assembled and then painted. This class provides you with the figure fully out together. You could take it apart to make the painting easier, but it wasn’t required. That left a lot more time for painting, which this figure needed.

The figure provided was Big Cannon Galvatron. With a slight mod and a ton of paint, he turned into Broken Mirror Supreme Commander (or Not-Shattered Glass Megatron). The slight mod was simply clipping off Galvatron’s crown and some light sanding. From there, it was a lot of paint. The end product turns out really nice by adding a MP scale SG Megatron to the #Kollection.

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