Marvel Comics Universe & Uncanny X-Men #14 Spoilers & Review: Wolverine & Cyclops Dark X-Men On Collission Course With A Top Super-Hero Team Avengers?! (Legacy #633)

Marvel Comics Universe and Uncanny X-Men #14 Spoilers and Review follows.

Wolverine and Cyclops’ Dark X-Men On Collission Course With…

…A Top Super-Hero Team Avengers? (Legacy #633)

The book opens with a dramatis personae…

…and a storyline catch-up with creators’ credits page.

Cyclops and Wolverine had set up an underground dark Uncanny X-Men team…

…that appears affiliated with one-time villain Dark Beast?!

Book ends with Uncanny X-Men in battle…

…and successful. However, Captain America of the Avengers needs to have worhds with Cylops.

We then get a look at next issue and the promise of Psylocke, Hope and Banshee.

The Pulse:

Solid art, good pacing and action, but feels like too much is going and no scene gets to breathe. 7 out of 10.

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