WWE Raw 4/8/19 Recap – Raw After Mania

Seth comes down and we get a recap of the Brock-Rollins title match. Seth says that Brock and Heyman can stay in Vegas for all he cares because he is the champ now. Kofi and New Day come down and Kofi wants a title for title match with Seth tonight. Seth accepts, but we don’t get any kind of stip – which is a bit worrisome when it comes to a finish. Ryder and Hawkins face the Revival tonight in a rematch and that’s up next. Tag champs get an intro and the Revival doesn’t.

Dash headlocks Ryder, and then Ryder and Hawkins hit a legsweep/lariat combo for 2. Hawkins eats a Hart Attack for 2. Hawkins hits a flying kneelift and Ryder comes in and lands a missile dropkick. Hawkins fakes a knee injury and gets 2 off a small package. Burning hammer Demolition decapitation hits and gets 2 for the Revival. Hawkins gets a schoolboy cradle and wins it. Baron Corbin comes out to an “asshole” chant and he’s pleased by it. Kurt comes down and wishes him luck – bad luck, and hits an Angle slam and ankle lock. Lars Sullivan comes down and plants Kurt with the Freak Accident and the diving headbutt.

Alexa comes out to face Bayley after calling out she and Sasha on Twitter. They have a very sloppy match with Alexa taking a sunset flip into the buckle. Alexa hits her DDT and wins it. Becky comes out and says she wanted into Mania with nothing and walked out with everything. She says she isn’t the most athletic, but she’s got a great theme that the fans like to sing. She says that leaving home at 15 made her learn survival. Lacey comes down and slugs her with the woman’s right before Becky brawls with her.

Ambrose’s last WWE match is against Lashley tonight. Aleister and Ricochet come out, hopefully to not lose to the women’s tag champions to then lose to all four sets of tag champs in a 10 day span. Roode and Gable apparently turn heel a bit by saying they’ll do what it takes to win. Ricochet flies around a ton and works well with Gable, while Roode acts as a more of a base for his offense. Finishers are exchanged before Ricochet lays Gable out with a one-legged codebreaker and it’s over. Roode is pissed and Elias’ performance is shown. He buries Cena for being a terrible rapper and he’s been given all the time he needs for his rock opera.

Dean comes out in a weird-fitting top to face Lashley. A weird Bray video airs. Dean and Lashley brawl and Lashley puts Dean through the announce table. Dean gets a “thank you Ambrose” chant and that’s about it. Sami Zayn walks backstage in his gear just being back with no build. Mojo cuts another mirror promo and now has wacky face paint on. Sami wants a match and Finn Balor accents, and it’s a title match.

Solid fast action to start and Sami gets knocked down off a gorgeous dropkick for 2. Sami’s blue thunder bomb is countered and he misses the helluva kick. Balor wins with the double stomp off the top. Sami cuts a promo and is all sliced up and says that he though that coming out here would be great, but it seems like the fans missed him but he didn’t miss any of the pain or any of the fans.

Sarah, the Renee Young clone meets with Dana Brooke. Dana cuts a robotic promo and talks about Becky being a champ-champ. Elias begins to perform but is interrupted by the Undertaker. Taker’s looking ripped and came out without his tanktop on. Elias slowly trying to leave with his guitar in full view of Taker is great. Chokeslam takes out Elias. Taker looks better than he should given his age body-wise and older facially – so it all balances out. He needs to nix the tombstone though, he’s way too shaky-legged doing it now.

Kofi and Seth have a perfectly okay little match until The Bar comes in to attack Kofi. Seth wants a tag match with Kofi against the Bar. Sheamus knees Seth hard for 2. Kofi comes in and gets 2 off the SOS. Bar catches Kofi off the trust fall and Seth dives on the pile. Trouble in Paradise and the curb stomp end it.


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