DC Comics Universe & Detective Comics #1001 Spoilers & Review: Batman’s Next 1000 Issues Begins With Dead Bats, The Arkham Knight & His Knights Of The Sun?

DC Comics Universe and Detective Comics #1001 Spoilers and Review follows.

Batman’s Next 1000 Issues Begins With Dead Bats…

…The Arkham Knight and His Knights Of The Sun?

The new era begins with a new Detective Comics logo and the Arkham Knight making his presence felt…

…along with his sun motif acolytes as a contrast to Batman’s night related allies (although the Signal is a day-time hero).

The Arkham Knight is working on some kind of device to boot so he’s not just a competent fighter, as we’ll see later in this book, but has some decent gray matter too.

At the same time, Batman is investigating why bats of all different varieties are dying in Gotham City.

He seeks Dr. Francine Langstrom’s assistance, but she injects herself with her husband’s Man-Bat serum and goes berserk.

After Batman subdues her, he sees some kind of seeming sun light based eruption in the distance…

…followed by being attached by the Knights of the Sun…

…as the Arkham Knight watches and then…


Next up is Detective Comics #1002.

The Pulse:

Strong writing by Peter J. Tomasi and AMAZING pencils by Brad Walker. A great debut issue for a new era with an amazing art team of inker, colorist and letterer plus a really compelling yarn with new foils that feel very much rooted and at home in Batman lore. A really awesome issue. 9.5 out of 10.

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