DC Comics Universe & Hawkman #11 Spoilers: All Of Hawkman’s Past Lives Rally To Ally With Carter Hall Including Katar Hol, Catar-Ol, Nighthawk & More!

DC Comics Universe and Hawkman #11 Spoilers follows.

All Of Hawkman’s Past Lives Rally To Ally With Carter Hall Including…

…Katar Hol, Catar-Ol, Nighthawk and More!

Idamm has brought the Thangarian might in support of the Deathbringers…

…somehow ALL of Hawkman’s past lives have come to life to help him stave off this threat to Earth?!

That includes the Shining Knight and Krypton’s Catar-Ol.

Here’s a classic Who’s Who DC Universe bio for the Shining Knight.

It also includes Gold Hawk (possibly a new take on the Golden Eagle) plus Nighthawk.

Here are their classic…

…Who’s Who in the DC Universe entries.

The Hawkmen also includes Dark Night Metal’s Dragon of Barbatos as well newer characters such as the Fourth World New God Airwin and the Microverse’s Avion.

Also the big guns are here to including Katar Hol and Prince Khufu.

While this is happening Idamm has Carter Hall in peril, but…

…While Hall turns the tables on Idamm turns out he’s an immortal!

Idamm pulls back his Thanagarian allies and orders the Deathbringers to…

…destroy Earth!

Next up is Hawkman #12 on May 8, 2019.

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