Marvel Comics Universe & Amazing Spider-Man #19 Spoilers: Kraven The Hunter’s & Arcade’s Hunted Continues With Taskmaster’s Big New Get! (Legacy #820)

Marvel Comics Universe and Amazing Spider-Man #19 Spoilers follows.

Kraven The Hunter’s and Arcade’s The Hunted…

… Continues With Taskmaster’s Big New Get! (Legacy #820)

The book opens with the storyline catch-up and creators’ credits page.

The black costumed Spider-Man, along with his animal-themed rougues gallery, is hunted by…

…hunters garbed in Kraven the Hunter armor.

Spider-Man escapes and stumbled on his rogues…

…who the Vulture is trying to convince that he knows…

…how to stop the hunters.

Spider-Man doesn’t buy it and the Rhino remains pissed at Spider-Man for unwittingly enabling his capture.

Despite Spider-Man efforts, the rogues rally behind the Vulture.

Elsewhere, the Taskmaster drops his big get off for Arcade and its the Lizard!

The book ends with Spider-Man battling the Kraven hunters…

…but the Black Ant wants him stop and will reveal a secret to do so.

And, here’s your The Hunted Checklist.

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