WWE Raw 4/15/19 – Superstar Shakeup

Shane and Steph come down of the shakeup to a “CM Punk” chant. Miz comes to Raw and brawls with Shane and a recap of Seth beating Brock airs. Ricochet is officially on Raw with Aleister Black. The War Raiders debut as The Viking Experience and named Ivar and Erik, with Hanson being Ivar and Rowe being Erik. They team with the Revival against Hawkins and Ryder and Ricochet and Black. The Vikings build their own weapons and clothing – finally, some character development. Hawkins and Ryder finally get matching gear and Hawkins gets sent over the top and the fallout takes out Ryder. Cedric is coming to Raw.

Andrade and Zelina come to Raw and she helps him take out Balor on the floor and the hammerlock DDT gets the pin. Elias’s beatings from legends lead to Rey coming in and slipping on a springboard rana. Lars takes out Rey with a running Liger bomb. Roode and Gable are mid-ring with an Usos graphic to face…The Usos! They beat the former champs with a double superkick and double dive. Drew vs. Roman is shown and Seth and Roman team with someone against Corbin, Drew, and Lashley tonight.

Alexa’s moment of bliss features Sami telling the fans to go to hell and finding the fans disgusting. Sasha doesn’t take a call from Bayley earlier and then the IIconics mock her. Naomi teams with Bayley and they beat the tag champs. EC3 comes out wanting competition and gets mangled by Braun and chokeslammed through the stage. Becky destroys Ruby in their match and then the Squad helps her escape, but she taps to the disarmher.

Nattie wants a shot at Becky, but Lacey cals her a classless has-been. She’s officially on Raw and will face Nattie with the winner getting a shot. Woman’s Right KOs her and the moonsault wins it. Seth and Roman talk for a bit about tonight’s match and we get another creepy video hyping Bray up. AJ is now on Raw and has shaved his face. It’s an all-action match with a drive by from Roman to Coarbin. Lashley does the job after eating a stomp, spear, and Phenomenal forearm – why they didn’t just use the springboard 450 instead rather than hurt Roman’s finisher by having Lashley just get up, I have no idea. Either way, it doesn’t look like it was wise for him to say he might be leaving after Summerslam to go back to Bellator.

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