Marvel Comics Universe & Amazing Spider-Man #19.HU Spoilers: The Hunted’s Nod To Kraven’s Last Hunt! Plus Taskmaster & The Lizard!

Marvel Comics Universe and Amazing Spider-Man #19.HU Spoilers follows.

The Hunted’s Nod To Kraven’s Last Hunt! Plus Taskmaster and The Lizard!

The book opens with a storyline catch-up and creators’ credits page.

This is followed by a retelling of the…

…origin of the Lizard and his lizard family.

This story appears to take place before Amazing Spider-Man #19 as in this issue the Lizard is hunting Taskmaster and Black Ant who kidnapped his lizard family for the Hunt.

Lizard finds Taskmater drunken in a bar…

…and he wants him to capture him to take him into the Hunt so he cab save his family.

Taskmaster says he’s not on good terms with Arcade and Kraven over his buddy Black Ant who he betrayed for them anyway.

They decide their in with Arcade may be the Vermin a character who had a key role in the classic Kraven The Last Hunt storyline.

Arcade is not interested in Vermin…

…but is interested in the Lizard.

Dr. Curt Conners got what he wanted; he’ll be reunited with his family as…

…Amazing Spider-Man #20 is up next!

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