DC Comics Universe & DCeased Spoilers: Is DCeased Event Mini-Series Canon Or Alternate Universe?

DC Comics Universe and DCeased Spoilers follows.

Is DCeased Event Mini-Series Canon Or Alternate Universe?

Well, I missed this in the early news on DCeased, but it appears that it does not take place in core DC Comics super-hero continuity. It takes place in an alternate reality a la Injustice; it’s a brand new world and brand new continuity.

Per THR (emphasis added):

The series, which takes place outside of mainstream DC comic book canon, will be written by a man familiar with alternate versions of Superman, Batman et al: Tom Taylor, whose work on the comic book tie-in to video game franchise Injustice: Gods Among Us won critical acclaim from all corners. Art for the series comes from Trevor Hairsine, Stefan Gaudiano, James Warren and Rain Beredo.

It still looks like a cool series particularly for your horror and zombie out there. Plus, like Injustice, it means creativity won’t be stifled by editorial mandates.

DCeased #1 lands in stores on May 1, 2019 next week.

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